what is tiny ninja?


I get asked quite frequently how I came up with the name Tiny Ninja or more bluntly "what is it?" Someone I met recently gave me some insight that brought it into focus for me. Tiny Ninja is my totem. What the heck is a totem, you ask?  Some snipits from Wikipedia: 

"A totem is a being, object, or symbol representing an animal or plant that serves as an emblem of a group of people...

In modern times, some single individuals, not otherwise involved in the practice of a tribal religion, have chosen to adopt a personal spirit animal helper, which has special meaning to them..."

I bought my Tiny Ninja from a lady on Etsy who makes the most awesome little wooley things. Her shop is called Hand Made by Brynne. She is pretty ninja herself.

Tiny Ninja is about doing good. It is about evolving as a humans. Its about looking at ourselves logically and improving our lives...the lives of every one of us. Tiny Ninja Cafe will do that through food, coffee, art and music. It will be a place where good experiences happen. We can't be perfect, because we are merely human but we will do our best to make your life better.

"Cherish all living beings, but don't be a doormat." A message given to me by a monk that I am passing on to you.

Becky (aka t3chgrrl)
Tiny Ninja Founder